Consultation Services

The consultation services that we offer represent a successful collaboration between healthcare and the legal system. Thus, we provide outstanding nursing support to law firms, health organizations, and individuals. we offer Legal Nurse Consultation to assist lawyers with complex personal injury cases and to promote justice to the victims of negligence.

We acquire extensive knowledge in legal nursing and will successfully conduct merit review per the lawyers’ request. Thus, we will incorporate our clinical expertise into our consultation services to assist the legal team. In addition, we will help with the Discovery Process and assist with the deposition, evidence process, and interrogatories questionnaire. Lastly, will successfully review the medical records and identify gaps in the standards of care.

All of our consultation services promote an individual-centered approach. Besides, we value all of our clients and believe that they are the cornerstones of our company. We believe that our clients will benefit from excellent nursing support when they hire our organization. In addition, our general Nursing Consultation services encompass training and development, Patient Safety initiatives, product advertisement, and public speaking.

Nursing Support

Our nursing license enables us to provide nursing consultation across all care settings. Besides, nurses received training to be educators and leaders in their community and at work, so we can also assist individuals with Nursing Coach and Mentorship. We value each individual’s wellbeing and offer nursing support to our clients to meet their specific needs. Lastly, we also mentor nursing students and professional nurses.

The nursing coach sessions involve a holistic concept that focuses on the mind, the body, and the spirit. Besides, we will use virtual meetings format to conduct the nursing coach and mentorship sessions. Furthermore, we will provide nursing support to healthcare facilities and utilize our expertise to assist with the regulatory compliance program. Please access the nursesophieconsulting page for additional information.