How To Obtain A Nursing Degree For Free

Obtaining a nursing degree while in nursing school for free is achievable. I want to congratulate you on deciding to become a nurse. I know the academic pathway will not be easy, but the outcome will be rewarding. Nursing is one of the fastest-growing profession according to the Department of Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

Because you have been accepted to attend nursing school, I would like to share some information about financial aid/scholarships with you. The assistance is available to nursing students or nursing professionals who would like to obtain a higher degree in nursing.

I want to state that you should choose a nursing school according to the success of the program. For example, you should consider passing rate, national rank, location, and other factors that will affect your success in school. Therefore, the name of the school should not be a selective factor.

You should avoid choosing a school because of the name or to brag about it. Furthermore, you should understand that regardless of what school a nurse attends, the Nursing Board administers the same exam to all graduate nurses. Besides, nursing students should focus on school passing rates and academic resources.

Basic Requirement For Federal Assistance

To obtain a free nursing degree, you have to complete the free federal student aid application ( federal student aid). The application will enable you to identify your eligibility for federal aid. Please complete the application even if you think you will not be qualified.

You might benefit from your school’s funding surplus and become eligible for financial assistance. It is important to visit your financial aid office to explore all your options. For instance, you might find private scholarship information in that office. It does not hurt to try, and the school will inform you of the final decision.

After completing the free federal application, you should explore your state education website. The site contains information to identify tuition assistance and loan repayment programs. For example, you can obtain all financial aid information for Maryland residents by visiting the state education site at Maryland Higher Education.

If you work while attending nursing school, you should contact the Human Resources office to obtain information about a qualified degree program. Employers often sponsor a variety of degree programs. For example, most employers offer tuition assistance and loan repayment to retain high performing employees. I received funding from my previous employers for school with the commitment to work a few months following each disbursement.

How to obtain a nursing degree for free

Obtaining A Free Nursing Degree In Maryland

I currently live in Maryland, so I will share financial assistance available to nurses. I will cover information from the state, local schools, employers, and other sponsors. Maryland Higher Education –mhec currently offers multiple funding options available to nursing students and professional nurses. In addition, becoming a nurse is gratifying because nursing evolution contributes to the advancement of clinical practice.

There are multiple financial aids options available to nursing students. For example, there is a nursing loan repayment program based on income and nurse faculty loan repayment program. you will need proof of degree completion, nursing licenses, income verification, and other pertinent information.

The University of Maryland currently offers a full scholarship to qualified nursing students. Please access Conway scholar and find out if you are eligible for financial assistance. You can also consider a local Community College to complete a free “Associate Degree” depending on your household income. Please visit the websites for additional information.

Montgomery College, located in Montgomery County, MD, offers multiple types of scholarships to nursing students. For example, the governor allocates funds every year to support Maryland residents who attend community colleges. Please visit Montgomery College for additional information.

Obtaining a nursing degree for free

Military Nursing Scholarships Programs

You can enroll in the Military Reserve Officer Training Corps -ROTC while in nursing school and obtain free tuition. There is a commitment to join as an active duty nurse upon graduation for a required number of years. This financial assistance program is a great option for many nurses because you might be eligible for additional benefits while on reserved status.

Please visit the United States Military website for admission criteria. (ROTC) The military also offers loan repayment to eligible candidates. If you already complete a nursing degree, you can contact a recruiter to obtain information about loan repayment options or visit military education.

The opportunities are limitless when a nurse is able to become a military nurse. There is on the job training available to all staff, and leadership encourages crosstraining. Besides, many military nurses obtain certification in different courses, subjects or nursing specialties.


As you can see, the opportunities are endless as a nursing student. you will obtain a wealth of knowledge as a nurse upon completion of the program. I highly encourage you to research the school you would like to attend carefully for accreditation, performance violations of standards, citation and more.

It is wonderful to be able to complete school without accumulating massive debt. However, you should not be discouraged if you are not qualified for financial assistance because you can always apply next time or receive loan repayment assistance from your state or your employer following graduation.

Most healthcare facilities offer tuition assistance with the hope to retain their best employees. Finally, the military also offers scholarships and loan repayment to enlisted, officers and civilians with a work commitment. The job commitment is often three times the initial investment. For instance, If the training lasted one year, the employee will complete three years of work.


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