Legal Nurse Consultant Service

As a legal nurse consultant, I am very proficient in conducting clinical records review and in developing event timelines. Nurse Sophie successfully completes the Root Cause Analysis related to patient safety events. Besides, she obtained training and a certificate in legal nursing consultant and will support the legal team with the Discovery Process. Thus, she will assist with Deposition, Interrogatories questionnaire, evidence review, medical records review, medical chronologies, expert witness and other nursing consultation services as requested.

Nurse Sophie will support clinical findings based on approved clinical standards and clinical specialties. Furthermore, Nurse Sophie will review the evidence related to each event and will develop summary findings per published clinical practice guidelines. Besides, when you request nursing consultation services, I will successfully provide assistance with personal injury, product liability, and environmental exposure. Please visit the home page if you need additional nurse consultations services.

Nursing Skills

  • Legal Nurse Consultant, and Advanced degree
  • Expert in Regulatory Compliance and deviation from the Standards of Care
  • Advanced nursing education, leadership, and over twelve years of experience in the healthcare system
  • Successfully managed and supervised patient care with complex disease processes as direct care nurse and nurse manager
  • Clinical experience in acute care, long term care, and outpatient settings
  • Advanced Medical Records review to identify gaps in standards of care
  • Led the development of a new Medical Record system
  • Lastly, other nursing consultation services upon request

Cases Reviewed by Nurse Sophie

  • Personal injuries – Falls with injury
  • Pressure ulcer injuries
  • Accidental death
  • Attempted suicide
  • Neonatal injuries,
  • Retained foreign objects
  • In addition, I reviewed Surgical site infection and will discuss other cases upon request for nursing consultation services
legal nurse consultant

Nursing Consultation Services

I will process all nursing consultation services on a case by case basis. Therefore, the clinical summary will be based on objective data from the records review, deposition, and evidence. Thus, I not liable for the outcomes of personal claims as a legal nurse consultant. Please submit a form request for all legal nurse consultation services.

If you did not find the specific nursing consultation services that you need, you can describe the assistance that you would like to receive in the free text box using the contact us form with expected goals and deadlines. In addition, Nurse Sophie can assist with physical safety assessment in acute care, long term care, and home care settings. Therefore, contact us if you need a nurse to conduct an assessment for you.

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