Nurse Sophie’s Vision And Mission

Nurse Sophie’s vision and mission represent her passion for nursing and patient safety. Thus, I strive to become one of the most trusted nurse advocates in the region. Nurse Sophie loves to empower, educate, and entertain others about nursing trends and highlights.

Nurse Sophie has been a registered nurse for over a decade. I have a Master’s degree in nursing, and my clinical experiences include staff nurse, clinical nurse supervisor, and, most recently, nurse consultant in Patient Safety and Legal Nursing. Thus, I am very passionate about system operations and practice standards.

Nurse Sophie’s Vision

The vision is to become one of the most reliable and trusted nurse consultants in the region and to advocate for patient safety.

Nurse Sophie’s Mission

The mission is to provide outstanding support to the legal team to promote justice to the victims of negligence. Besides, Nurse Sophie assists healthcare organizations with training development, regulatory compliance, and to develop patient safety initiatives. Nurse Sophie will also support individuals who need some motivation to accomplish their health and career goals by offering 1on 1 nurse coaching sessions.

nurse sophie vision

Consultation Services

To fulfill the Nurse Sophie’s vision, I recently decided to open a nurse consulting business. Nurse Sophie will provide support to health care organizations in developing patient safety programs, regulatory compliance, and training. In addition, I also received training and a certificate in legal nursing. Nurse Sophie can assist the legal team with medical malpractice cases, personal injuryproduct liability, and environmental exposure claims. Finally, I obtained a certificate in Legal Nursing, and I have completed over 2000 hours of medical chart reviews.

Nurse Sophie is an expert in clinical investigations, and I also develop event timelines to identify gaps in the standard of practice. Furthermore, I can assist the legal team with the Discovery process: Deposition, Interrogatories questionnaire, event timelines, locate expert witnesses, and more. Lastly, I provide and formulate clinical opinions based on the investigative summary.

Nurses are often the end-users who implement newly adopted protocols and strategies, so they are valuable stakeholders. Moreover, I collaborate with medical experts with over 50 years of experience to support Nurse Sophie’s mission.


My clinical experiences consist of a staff nurse, charge nurse, clinical nurse supervisor, Patient Safety Specialist, and Legal Nurse Consultant. In my most recent position, I conduct clinical records review, root cause analysis, clinical data analysis, and chart compliance audit. Thus, I collect data to support the evidence.

Furthermore, I facilitate multidisciplinary team meetings and educate staff about patient safety initiatives. I am a proud member of the American Nurses Association, the Maryland Nurses Association, and the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultant. This is a validation of Nurse Sophie’s vision. Please visit the nursesophieconsulting, home page for additional services.